Have you suffered retaliation from your employer for reporting illegal activity, unscrupulous behavior or other business misconduct at your job? If you are being harassed or your position has been terminated because of your whistleblower action, you have legal rights that we can help you enforce.
At Kearney Littlefield, LLP, our experienced trial lawyers are dedicated to helping educate whistleblowers on all legal rights under state and federal false claims laws and vigorously advocating for them under those laws. While our law office is based in Los Angeles, we represent individuals throughout California and across the U.S. who are being discriminated against or have been fired as a result of reporting or making known intentions to report illegal business actions.

You are legally protected by the California False Claims Act as well as other federal qui tam and whistleblower laws from being retaliated against by your employer if you report wrongdoing or illegal activity at your job.
At Kearney Littlefield, LLP, our Los Angeles qui tam attorneys tirelessly enforce those protective laws when you have suffered retaliation, including harassment, hostile work environment or termination because of your whistleblower actions. Based in Los Angeles, our law firm represents clients in California and throughout the U.S.