Employment Law

The attorneys at Kearney Littlefield, LLP, represent employees who have been unpaid/underpaid as a result of worker misclassification, as well as other related employment law issues, such as wrongful termination, discrimination and off-the-clock matters.

It is illegal for an employer to fail or refuse to pay employees for the time they have worked. Unfortunately, there are many employers in California and throughout the U.S. that find ways to cheat employees out of overtime pay that is rightfully owed to them.
Our goal at Kearney Littlefield, LLP, is to tenaciously advocate the rights of employees who have been affected by wage and hour violations and ultimately help them recover fair pay. Our law office is based in Los Angeles. We represent clients in Orange County and throughout California in difficult employment law cases.

While all employees in California and throughout the country have certain rights that are protected by state and federal employment laws, some employees' rights are abused, ignored or exploited as a result of worker misclassification.
If your employer has misclassified you as an exempt employee — workers who are not protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) — or you are still performing menial duties after being promoted to a managerial position, Kearney Littlefield, LLP, may be able to help you. Contact our firm today to discuss your case.

Our Los Angeles based employment law firm has effectively represented misclassified employees since 1997. We have the knowledge and experience needed to zealously advocate your rights in your wage and overtime disputes related to worker misclassification.